FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are diamond weights?

A:  Click here for more information regarding diamond weights.

Q: An item says "Note: The center stone shown in this ring is a Cubic Zirconia, not a diamond." What does this mean?

A:  This note simply means that the center stone is not included in the price for this ring.

Q: How long will it take to get an order?

A:   We typically stock most pieces on our website and can ship most items in 1-2 business days. Some items requiring modifications, such as ring sizing, may add to order processing time.   For a more specific answer, you can inquire about a piece by clicking here and submitting a form or by calling one of our stores.

Q: How does your warranty work?

A:  We offer an exclusive lifetime warranty on all diamond and gold jewelry that we sell.
Click here for more information on our FREE lifetime warranty.

Q: I bought my jewelry from one of your stores and moved away, can I mail it to you for repairs?

A:  It would be our pleasure to repair your jewelry regardless of whether or not it was purchased from our stores.  You are more than welcome to send us any piece of jewelry you need repaired.  We recommend USPS Registered Mail with return receipt for your security and piece of mind.

Q: What shipping options do you offer?

A:  Click here to view our page with all of our shipping information.